GlosFoodRun - Legals
GlosFoodRun - Legals  


The virtual Gloucester FoodRun (the Event) is organised by the Rotary Club of Gloucester Quays (charity no. 1170196), c/o Kingscott Dix Ltd, Goodridge Court, Goodridge Avenue, Gloucester GL2 5EN (the Club). The term Organisers in what follows refers to the Club and any individuals involved in organising the Event.


This is a virtual event. As such, the orginisers take no responsibility for your activity and you agree to ensure your own health and safety and that of others affected when participating.
You agree that you have not relied on any information contained in this website or otherwise provided to you by the organisers of this event.
You further agree to ensure that you comply with any law, by-law, regulation or governmental advice when participating.
The Organisers may not be held liable even in case of negligence.
Nothing in the foregoing is intended to exclude the Organisers liablility for personal injury or death however you agree that such liablity can not arise.


By providing information to the Organisers through registration, contact, results reporting or otherwise, you agree that the Organisers have a legitimate interest in using that information in order to publicise the Event, future similar events and the work of the Organisers.
You thereby grant the Organisers an irrevocable licence to use your information, including any photographs or similar that you provide in this way.

Intellectual Property

By publishing logos and other intellectual property on this site, no person is granted any licence to reproduce the same.


The monies paid in relation to this event are paid by way of charitible donation. As a result, you agree that no refund will be made under any circumstances.